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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Guest Post: Brazilian youngsters.

Twitter's a wonderful place. I do invite and encourage those that have yet to sign up to, well, sign up. I have recently been speaking to a Brazilian Spurs fan who, of course, lives in Brazil. With strings of 'ITK' running around every other day or so, another has reported that Spurs have been apparently watching Bernardo. Whether a deal would be pursued I've no idea. But here is brief insight into two promising players, including Bernardo, from someone who knows. The following report below is written by @Harrishotspur Take from it what you will.

-> I've been looking at some players during the Brazilian football season and have made reports on two young lads that I was interested in, and maybe have a chance of going to a top team in Europe. They are called Bernardo and Bernard, ironically. Bernardo plays for Rio de Janeiro side Vasco da Gama and is on loan to Santos and Bernard plays for Atlético Mineiro.

Bernardo is twenty two years old, and has sparkled since joining Vasco da Gama from Cruzeiro, scoring ten goals and assisting fourteen in his first season (when Vasco had finished second in the league). He usually plays at the right wing and often does raids through that side of the pitch, but he can often change sides and play on the left, proving his equality with the left or right foot, but predominantly being a right-footed player.

He is a specialist in dribbling and crossing. Most of his assists came from crosses (high or low) in which he used his flair and skill to beat his opponent and deliver the cross. The crosses are accurate and with a good amount of curve on it, so they are practically perfect. His goals came in attacks through the right and he enjoys cutting in from the left and shooting.

Yet Bernard is younger - only nineteen! - But he is a starting XI player alongside the famous Ronaldinho at Atlético Mineiro, the current team leading the Brazilian League. He has been influential on this sides progress in the league, scoring seven goals and assisting sixteen, but consider the league has only reached its halfway stage. Bernardo was called up to the Brazilian Olympic Team and has impressed the crowd with his appearances.

I'd rate him the "Lennon from Brazil", because his style of play reminds me of Aaron (acrobatic, skillful, agile and quick). I will make more reports on youngsters here in Brazil/South America for you guys to see. <-

As I said, take from it what you will. If you love your South American football then these two maybe two players to keep an eye out for. You can follow @Harrishotspur on Twitter.