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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Announcement Imminent.

So by the time this is published a new day, more than likely, will be amongst us. With premature minds already dreading the thought of another Monday morning wake-up arriving just around the corner, Under Armour - Spurs' new kit manufacture as of this forthcoming season - may have softened that blow; note the strong emphasis on the word "may."

Talk regarding our next managerial appointment has been flooding message boards and back pages for weeks now. I'm finding the whole ordeal becoming more of an irritation than anything and we still have a whole summer window to come yet and, while Luka Modric remains a Spurs player, it will never be an easy one. Great. There has been strong Eye Tee Kay rumours that an announcement regarding a couple of player signings and a managerial appointment would be put on hold until atleast July 1st. This would make sense, with the transfer window having (up until now) not actually officially opened despite clubs already making their moves to snare players already, no players can be unveiled until now.

With Under Armour the new official kit manufacture of Tottenham as of this summer, players can also not be seen sporting their brand until the Puma deal expires. There is also the notable absence of shirt unveilings. Under Armour UK have tonight tweeted that "Tomorrow (Sunday) is an exciting day. That is all" dropping the biggest hint yet that an official announcement possibly regarding shirt's for next season. Although I would find it rather odd that Spurs wouldn't announce the date when the shirt designs for next season will be released to increase anticipation amongst us but, at the same time, I struggle to see it as a coincidence that this 'exciting day' will fall on July 1st. What may proceed from here - possibly as early as Monday - would be the uncovering of a new man at the helm to lead the club and also confirmation of the signings of Vertonghen and Sigurdsson.

Maybe I'm delirious and sleep deprivation is causing my mind to believe it's being logical. It's been a long summer and the window's only been open 5 minutes. I'm off to bed, I'm confident this ordeal will be wrapped up early next week.

A brief moment of optimism there, deary me I must be tired.