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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

AVB pictured in a hotel with Hulk

In terms of this current window, all things have mellowed out of late - for the time being. AVB had recently stated that he hopes to take the majority of his finished squad to the USA this coming weekend, keeping us - the fans - well and truly immersed on the edge of our seats hoping to stumble upon the next deal to follow Vertonghen into Spurs lodge.

After Redknapp's dismissal seemingly buried deep into the past, I gather the sense that we as fans all find ourselves back onto the same page. We were all reading the same book with Harry, but we found ourselves spread across different pages; some wanted him to stay, some wanted him out and some weren't too sure what they wanted (I'd personally tick this particular box). Levy has ensured that we find ourselves reunited and fully behind Andre Villas-Boas. Although, after the picture below showed AVB apparently rather content at being caught pictured with Hulk, we're all a bit up in arms as to what to make of it.

I'd do my best to banish any link with Hulk. As talented as the guy is I can't help but form the impression that the hype surrounding the forward eclipses his actual ability. For the money that would be involved, it wouldn't also surprise me for Spurs to be blown out of the ocean when/if the financial side of the deal was ever discussed; it would be like a real life metaphorical version of The Perfect Storm. It's also well documented that Levy is the man behind our moves and for the meeting to be so public would suggest that this is nothing more than an honest catch-up between two former colleagues.

Two guys meeting for a drink whilst Hulk is in London for the Olympics or simply caught in the act discussing a move to Spurs? Maybe the two had a fling back in Porto and are discussing whether they can cut it long distance? In all, it's hardly Abramovich on his yacht, is it?

[Picture courtesy of @in_a_mosh]

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