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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Rafa's a goner.

So Andre finally got his desperately needed Sig after stealing him from beneath the noses of the Scousers. One can't but help and think that AVB had discussed transfers and possibly had a deal agreed with Levy largely prior to it becoming "officially official." Thankfully the attention surrounding the position of top dog regarding our managerial situation didn't escalate into a saga. Now we have to wait another month and half to finally wrap up the Vertonghen deal and for Modric to leave; bit of ITK there.

Closely joining the news that Sigurdsson had joined our ranks was news that Spurs had submitted an offer for the Brazilian Oscar. Initially I wrote this off as "garbage," "modern day lazy journalism" and "moronic." I don't claim that this deal will definitely go through but it appears to have gathered pace and has some substance behind it, from what I've heard. My problem with this news is where does this leave our beautiful Dutch man in Rafa.

With Sig and Rafa already commanding identical spots on the pitch, Oscar would only add further competition for this attacking midfielder role. It's fair to say that speculation surrounding Rafa's immediate future has been thrown into dismay and the Dutchman himself has done little to dampen it. He's already flirted with the prospect of moving back to Germany and has said he'd be open to finishing his career in Holland. This has come after he claimed last year he'd happily finish his career at Spurs. Oh how the mind wonders.

Rafa's sale would also fit snug in line along the clear intent from Levy to develop players and "nurture young talent" whilst also largely emphasising the importance of "future progress." It does play on the heart strings a little with me. It's evident that Van der vaart loves the club; of course I use that word lightly. But he never fails to give his all when on a football pitch. He appreciates the fortunate position he's in and I'm sure he anticipates what the near future holds for him.

Good players come and go but the cockerel on the shirt will forever remain.