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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Tottenham close on Adebayor

Fantastic. Possibly the same word that our media-loving, tactically inept, one time godfather and ex-gaffa 'Arry would've described Adebayor's currently sole season at Tottenham; I wouldn't hesitate to use the same word. The guy wept a reminiscence of Dimitar Berbatov and has been the forward that we'd lacked ever since the Bulgarian departed White Hart Lane.

The City reserve forward, and former prime suspect to the V sign from many of us, reflected the 50 Shades of Grey novel; he read the game with particular ease and evidently enjoyed every moment. With a midfield that gave a new definition to the overused phrase of "free-flowing" attacking football, Adebayor's prowess up front alone truly got the best out of them. It's fair to say that the resurgent Tottenham that rose from the dead after being killed off twice by both Manchester clubs was partly down to Adebayor, along with a few others. In truth the only thing working against the Togolese would probably be his age; football years dictate that 30 is 'old,' with Adebayor being 28 years young.

In a season that totalled 37 appearances, Ade contributed 18 goals and 12 assists reflecting a fantastic season for the forward and a great piece of business on behalf of Levy for Tottenham - the latter proving little surprise. Although, not quite reflecting Levy's statement of bringing through a younger generation of footballers, mixing experience in the side with youth (as we did last season) has proven to be the best way forward. Players learn from players everyday and with many younger players likely to take heart from both Levy's and AVB's statement's upon the latter being appointed, there's the hope that a chance could be there for the taking for these players who will look up to these experienced heads and learn off them.

Manchester City are seeking a £5m transfer fee for Adebayor. Wages, according to Sky, are not an issue and the Togolese is keen to return to Spurs. I know, I'm still waiting for this great "player revolt" as well. Turns out we've got players that want to actually join us, who'd have thought.

There is speculation that the sole reason the deal has yet to go through is that Levy, unbelievably, may be trying and negotiate a lower price for Ade given that he quite likely wouldn't be able to recoup the money in the future. It's like the Parker scenario all over. And, like the Parker scenario, I expect the deal to go ahead. Spend the money, get the player in, move on. If only it was that simple.