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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Fans Caught Crying Over Bale's Exclusion.

It came with little surprise to see a fuss being kicked up concerning Gareth Bale's inclusion in the starting XI to face LA Galaxy the other night. The same player that has missed out on playing for Team GB because of an injury. Ironically, the same fans that deem him 'overrated' seemed to be grabbing Kleenex after Kleenex as they cry around the circumstances in which Bale is not involved in Great Britain's Olympic football team; the absolute pride and joy of the nation now apparently. I know, tragic. Despite, understandably, seemingly incredibly biased, I never felt Bale had a case to answer as to why he wasn't featuring alongside the superstars of Team GB.

Bale was injured right up until and after selection for GB's team was made; he never once actually ruled himself out of being picked despite this. It's similar to any other tournament. It's usually rare that a player is picked for a World Cup or European tournament when they are injured indefinitely during the time of selection. I struggle to understand why this particular circumstance should change for the Olympics. It's a first time people now seem upset that Bale has fully recovered, do they want him injured or what? It seems as  Kyle Walker has also gone missing under the radar, seemingly, as he too found himself missing the Olympics because of injury but started in LA also.

Oh sorry, we're talking about Bale aren't we.

Spurs have recently released a statement regarding the 'issue'

For the avoidance of any doubt and on a point of absolute clarity and transparency - Gareth sustained an injury as he built up his fitness ahead of joining up with Stuart Pearce's side. MRI scan reports were sent to the FA medical team on 29 June (2012).

He was subsequently not selected on the basis of this injury and the inability to predict recovery time.

This decision was not taken lightly and made only after consultation with Team GB's medical team, who were in agreement after seeing the medical reports.

At no time was Gareth made unavailable for selection. Indeed, Gareth made clear publicly on numerous occasions his desire to compete for Team GB and was extremely disappointed on hearing the news he would not be fit to participate.

He is now focused on and determined to get fit for the season ahead and to this end we have brought out an additional member of our medical team on tour, dedicated to Gareth's recovery.

We are dismayed that some have sought to make wrongful assumptions about Gareth's particular situation and that such positive news surrounding his recovery is being highlighted in this manner. We trust that this statement now clarifies this matter once and for all.

I struggle to take any team Stuart Pearce is managing with any sort of enthusiasm and with much seriousness. But, in truth, there's no case to answer here. Scapegoats already being sort after. Let's just get the season under way please.