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Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Liverpool Pain.

So after a rather unconvincing draw against LA, we found ourselves playing 'familiar' opposition in terms of Liverpool. They too had found themselves sunning it up in the US with the game likely to have given both FSG and Levy a publicity erection. I use the word familiar tentatively as the sides barely wetted the mouth, let alone anything else, as a mix of youth, fringe and a few first team players started under the heat of the Baltimore sun; but of course this was more than to be expected. 

In truth, the game didn't give much too much away. Liverpool kept the ball well in patches with Spurs' pressure catching them in possession on occasion. The game lacked any real cut chances. Lennon having our best chance with the goal wider open than Pompey's exit door, the ball bouncing just out of reach from his size 3 boots with the winger managing to scramble the ball back onto the post. Turning off at that point would've been the best move. The game dried out quicker than the pitch that was being played on but, of course, hindsight's a wonderful thing.

If I were to take a positive out of a fairly flat and lifeless game it would be that, defensively, we looked more comfortable. We had numbers back and, bar a few lapses in concentration, looked solid. Although I do feel that we remain vulnerable to a nippy winger but the more we practice the better we'll become, I have faith. What did grind my gears a little was the fact we opted to go long on occasion, despite having 5 in midfield. I'm unsure as to weather the heat and the dodgy pitch played some part in this but it's not something I'm keen seeing.

After sweating enough water to ensure a small country never goes thirsty again, we now have a trip to New York to face the Redbulls. The US trip has proven to be a good workout for the squad as our season opener away in Newcastle edges nearer. I know, I can't believe I quoted Family Guy either.