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Tuesday, 15 February 2011


What a game, what a fantastic result. We really brought the game to Milan and showed them the true Tottenham spirit and what a real English football club is all about. The squad played for the badge on their shirt and supported one another. Aggressive in the challenge and keeping the ball well, we looked the business; a far cry from the game away against Young Boys.

As THEspursweb called it, the boys really were lions tonight. They played a good game and stuck to the plan fantastically. Sandro and Palacios looked again as though they'd been playing together for years. Dawson and Gallas were brilliant against Ibra and the City flop. Gomes pulled off a couple of fantastic saves and looked assured for 94 minutes. Did Pato touch the ball? Lennon was an architect and van der Vaart caused more problems than Milan did all night.

A memorable night saw that old Arsenal cnut show us even more that he can't play football; how he's not stuck in non-league is beyond me. Disgusting tackle. Thoughts are with Charlie. I'm sure I wasn't the only one that also wanted Tyson back in the day to show Gattuso just how pathetic he is, or give Joe Jordan just 30 second in a room with him. He wouldn't have a career left. Useless for 94 minutes but still couldn't stop moaning. Pathetic. You lost, move on. But still these guys will happily pick up their paychecks every week with a smile.

The boy's were hero's tonight and fully deserved the win. The Yid Army were fantastic up in the stands.

We deserved it, we stole it.. now let's show them a real atmosphere at the Lane.

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