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Saturday, 5 February 2011

What To Do With Pav

Wow. After Arsenal gave a new meaning to the phrase 'bottle job,' Niko got us out of jail with a late strike in the 92nd minute. I'm sure I wasn't the only one crying out the whole game for someone to take on an early strike instead of insisting on trying to walk the ball into the back of the net. The game was a largely frustrating encounter, which is typical against Bolton, whom themselves fed on our own sloppiness.

But still, 3 points wrapped up (thankfully) and now the pressure's back on Chelsea to pick up a result against Liverpool tomorrow. Still though, today saw Pav introduced with 20 minutes to go with the score standing at 1-1. The Russian, according to an article posted by ITV, has stated that there's a good chance of him leaving in the summer. I do feel for the boy. He's our striker that has knocked up more goals than Crouch and Defoe but is being given little to show his class each week.

I genuinely thought he worked his socks off for the side today in the short game time he was given and set up Niko for the winner; ok, Niko does get all the credit for the goal but it may never have occurred if it weren't for Pav. Jermain proved lastly frustrating again and let's hope he manages to find his form quick. I'm always confident Pav will deliver when thrown into the first team and I do believe that a run of games would do the boy good.

If Crouch and Defoe can form the ruthless front line they were a few seasons back at Pompey then it would be hard to displace either, but I would like to see Pav given more of a chance in the side.


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