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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Pav's Performance

Let me just begin by saying what a fantastic win for the boys at a ground we've failed to pick up three points in ten odd years or something. The first half was a woeful display. The pitch didn't help, nor did Mike Jones who also had a poor game as the referee. Sandro looked as though he'd been playing for us for years and looked very assured in the middle of the park sticking in some big challenges, showing brilliant movement and a Brazilians touch. Niko popped up yet again with a fantastic volley to send us three points clear in fourth.

Pav played the whole game today after being in the press about as much as Egypt have this week. Again, not for good reasons. So what to make of the Russian that wants out? In all honesty, it wasn't a bad shift, but he hardly left us breathless. The technical ability is there but his lack of fight and hunger was frustrating.

It was hardly chances galore for our forwards and at such a difficult ground to come, I'll give Pav the benefit of the doubt. He did ok, compared to Jermain's form, he looked good. The boy clearly needs a run of games in the side and maybe a start in Milan on Tuesday wouldn't be the worst decision in the world for Harry to make.

Milan won 4-0 at home this evening with Robinho scoring a brace.

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